Welcome to KFilms … A video production studio with expertise across TV commercials, corporate films, training, Values Based Media and online videos. Our specialty is in combining film and motion design to produce high quality media content at a fraction of the cost.

Everything we do starts with an idea, a concept that is worth developing. We write the script, design a visual style, and commission the crew. The key to a successful production is finding the right throughline – the production approach that will satisfy all requirements, including the budget and mental health of the client.

KFilms is a one stop shop (apologies for the cliche). We write, shoot, edit and produce 2D and 3D motion graphic design in-house. The end result, is a story that is worth sharing. A creative execution that brings life and vitality to your brand. 

After all, life was meant to be easy.








Kaya Finlayson / Director

KFilms / video production